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Decades of experience providing university-level assessment and engagement.

Started in the early 90s at the University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Physics, Quest Learning & Assessment is now provided to the educational community by the UT-Austin College of Natural Sciences to support quality STEM content to students.

  • Access, create, revise, and share course resources and assignments
  • Create your own questions or choose from over 90,000 questions from out curated problem banks
  • Repurpose in-class time for student collaboration, labs, one-on-one instruction, deeper dives, etc.
  • Customize the online grade book to provide a variety of assessments, from low-stakes practice to rigorous testing
  • Students can work the materials at their own pace with real-time feedback and build custom reviews from course assignments for additional practice

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Not for-profit; built and sustained as a service to encourage STEM education from pre-AP through undergraduate studies.

As a service provided by the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, we are committed to providing access to quality content and tools for the minimum cost necessary to sustain the service. We are also not affiliated with a publisher and welcome users to build their own content as they see fit.

High Schools
Annual Site License, 120 day free trial

No course limit.

No instructor limit.

No student limit.

Textbook-analogous resource

$30 per student, per course, per semester.

2 course maximum charge.