Privacy Policy

Quest is committed to protecting your data and privacy; we will not share your personal information with any third party vendors. Please read over our full privacy policy below.

Data Protection – Quest exceeds industry standards related to safeguards of confidential information from unauthorized access. Technical safeguards meet or exceed industry standards; all user data is encrypted and information security office conducts regular reviews in which we remain in good standing. Student information, student records and student-generated content are not considered the property of Quest and will never be shared with any third parties, nor used for any purposes other than its intended purpose; non-identifiable aggregate data may be used for programmatic analysis, to improve quality of services.

Data Retention and Erasure – Quest will purge data in our system upon district request, and student data is purged 7 years after use has been discontinued. Your data is kept for no longer than necessary as guided by legal obligations and legitimate interests as a non-profit. Quest relies upon the creation of a UT eid; to delete this user information users will need to contact them directly. (Their deletion policy may be accessed here).

Data Breaches – our breach procedures ensure that we have safeguards and measures in place to identify, assess, investigate and report any personal data breach at the earliest possible time. Should a breach be detected, subscribing users will be notified within 72 business hours upon identification, making users aware of the reporting lines and steps to follow. If you would like to sign up for the 'Quest Data Security' listserve to be alerted of any breaches, you may do so by following the instructions here. )

Your Rights – you have the right to be informed how your data will be used, the right of access, the right of rectification, the school board right of erasure, as outlined here.

We are also subject to the UT-campus IT policies. For more information, those policies can be accessed here.

UT Web Privacy Policy


Quest Contact Details - If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice, our data collection practices, or would like to make a complaint, please contact the Data Protection Officer at Quest Support .

Access to Quest requires use of the University of Texas Electronic Identification system to establish a user profile. For more information about the UT EID process please visit: UT EID Self-Service Tool

Quest makes use of the pdf file format for many assignments. You can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

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