Classroom technology can fundamentally change the way you teach

“Having the content taken care of online allows me to focus on the teaching and coaching of students. A class should be a learning community, with all of the students coming in to address questions to me that they weren’t able to figure out on your own. Students don’t need me to read them the textbook. My value added is the creation of opportunities for them to try, struggle, get help succeed.”

– Sacha Kopp, PHY355

Rather than spending precious class time lecturing, while your students frantically take notes, now you can deliver that content online. In Quest, students can watch videos or read through slides prior to class time, and check their understanding with assessment questions. They come to class prepared to learn. Videos can be watched as many times as necessary, so students no longer need to choose between taking notes and listening critically. You can associate videos with specific questions to gauge students' understanding of the material in the video, and use this information to determine what you want to discuss in class.

As a faculty member, you can now use class time to engage your students, focusing on problem solving or trouble shooting particularly difficult concepts. You will have the time to do demonstrations that help your students see the relevance of the material and to engage your students in collaborative learning in the classroom. This will help them master the material for your course and learn skills they need to navigate college courses in every subject.

“Why do I like hybrid course models? I choose to put EVERYTHING about this course on-line so that we can spend our time in class doing something more interesting than having me recite the textbook out loud. So if there seems to be little connection between what I do in class and the on-line material, well, good for us. You are getting to learn chemistry in more than one way, and enjoying it at the same time.”

– David A. Laude, CH301 & CH302