UT Instructors

Sole Source letter for UT Instructors

If you are interested in building a new course in Quest, we would be happy to provide assistance. Follow the instructions below to get started.

UT Instructor Sign-up

Welcome to the Quest sign-up page for UT instructors. Here is a summary of the sign-up process for accessing Quest as an instructor:

Read about the pricing for UT users here.

If you have not already done so, obtain a UT EID from http://www.utexas.edu/eid. You should have received one when you were hired at UT.

Please avoid creating a second EID.

If you already have an EID, please check that your information in the EID system is correct. Choose Manage my UT EID Profile on the EID Self-Service Tools page to view your current EID contact information. If you can't find answers on the EID help pages, contact the UT Help Desk at (512) 475-9400 for assistance.

It is important to protect your EID & password. In order to protect the confidential information in Quest, please do not share your EID password with anybody.

Fill-out the Quest Instructor Profile

  • Log into the instructor side of Quest to fill out your profile using your UT EID: https://quest.cns.utexas.edu/initial/signups/instructor_profile
  • Click on "Log In"
  • You will be asked for your EID and password and once entered, you should see the Quest profile page.
  • If you do not see the Quest home page, click on this URL again: https://quest.cns.utexas.edu/initial/signups/instructor_profile
  • Any errors with the EID login need to be addressed with the UT Help Desk (see Get a UT EID above).
  • Fill out and save the institution information in the Quest profile, selecting the University of Texas as your institution.
  • If you teach at only one institution, please leave the Secondary Institution blank.
  • If you teach more than one subject, choose one department as a default. You can change this as necessary for each course you create.
  • Currently all assignment due dates use the Central Standard Time (CST) time zone.
  • Click the Update Profile button to save the information.

Schedule an Introduction to Quest

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a brief introduction to the tool on the UT campus.


Once you're approved, you're ready to use Quest. Visit our instructor wiki pages for advice on how to get started quickly.