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Getting Started

Quest Learning & Assessment uses the UT EID system to manage accounts. If you already have an EID, then please continue to read below for more information about accessing Quest depending on your role, student or teacher.

If you do not have an EID, please use the UT EID Self-Help Portal. You can also recover lost EIDs, reset passwords, and merge EIDs.


If you have more than one EID,

Once you have an EID,

  • Manually Requesting Enrollment
    • To find your course, simply click "Enroll in new course" from the home page, then use the course unique provided by your instructor to search for your course. Be sure to pay attention to the instructor and time information when requesting enrollment.
    • Your instructor will receive the request and approve it at their convenience.
  • UT Austin Roster Management
    • Courses at the University of Texas at Austin will manage course rosters based on students' enrollment statuses with the registrar. You can manually request enrollment if you would like to audit a course, just be sure to communicate with the instructor to ensure your request is handled.
    • If you manually request enrollment in a UT Austin course, you will not be dropped automatically if your enrollment status changes with the registrar. This may result in being overcharged for your course load, so please do not submit enrollment requests unless absolutely necessary.


Once you have a UT EID, please fill out the following form to request instructor access to Quest. To verify employment, please provide:

  • a letter of employment
  • a faculty ID showing the name of your school
  • or, a recent paystub from your school (can black out any sensitive information)

Please allow 3 business days for authorization.

By submitting this form you affirm that you are employed as an instructor (or instructional support) at the provided school.