Payment – Students

Student Subscriptions This charge is for college students only and not K-12 students.

FEE UPDATE: As a result of the COVID pandemic, which led to increased online learning/testing in 2020, Quest had a sizable increase in usage at UT, as well as colleges/universities across the country. Quest is a non-profit organization. We remain committed to providing access to quality STEM content and tools - for the minimum cost necessary to sustain the service. As a result, effective immediately, Quest will be reducing college student subscription fees to:

  • $25/semester - for 1 Quest course
  • $50/semester - for 2+ Quest courses

While it was a crazy year for everyone in higher education, we hope this reduction in fees will benefit our student users this Summer & moving forward.

To pay for Quest, you will need a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover).

If you are a student at UT, you will make your payment at the Quest What I Owe page.

If you are a student at another college or university, you will make your payment using our TXShop store.

Contact us at for assistance.

Please note that no refunds will be issued, even if you withdraw from the course.


When is my payment due?

For Fall 2023, the billing periods are as follows:

UT Students and External Colleges:
Non-UT University Students: Billing begins on Friday 9/8 at 10am and closes on Thursday 9/21 at 10am.

UT Students: Billing begins on Friday 9/15 at 10am and closes on Thursday 9/28 at 10am.

PLEASE NOTE: If your instructor loads your course into Quest after the billing window dates above, you will be required to pay for your course in order to access course materials; there will be no grace period for payment.

What happens if I don't pay?

You will not have access to any of your course materials until you provide payment.

If I pay after the payment deadline, will my course materials & partially completed assignments still be accessible?

Yes, as soon as your payment is processed, you will have access to all of your course materials & assignments.

What happens if I try to pay for my Quest course, but there is nothing there to pay?

Your instructor may have loaded assignments after the start of our preset billing period. You will be able to continue using Quest, but on the 1st day of the following month, you will be prompted to pay for your course by the 8th day of that month. If you do not pay by the 8th day of the month, you will then lose access to your course.

I paid this morning and Quest is telling me that I haven't paid. What's going on?

It can take up to day for your payment to be reflected in your account. Please pay prior to the billing deadline to avoid any delays in access to your course materials.

Do you accept partial payments?

We do not accept partial payments.

I'm a UT student and I paid for two courses during the first summer session, do I still need to pay for second session?

Yes, first and second Summer sessions are separate semesters.

I'm dropping a course - do I still have to pay for it in Quest?

You must drop your courses with the Registrar's Office first, and at your earliest convenience. It can take a few days for the office to process your request, and until it has been processed the course will appear in your Quest account and require payment. Quest will not issue refunds because you dropped a course, so take care of your drops before you pay for your subscription.

How will I know that my credit card payment went through?

Credit card orders will appear on your credit card statement as "UT WEB TXSHOP".

Do you offer waivers for Financial Aid?

If you are receiving financial aid, you can use this to pay for the Quest subscription. If you have any questions, please contact your financial aid counselor for assistance.

I'm a veteran attending college under the GI Bill/Hazelwood. Is there a waiver for this charge?

If you are a veteran attending college under the GI Bill or Hazelwood Exemption, please email a copy of your VA Award Letter with your EID to You must do so as soon as possible; please don't wait until the end of the billing period to contact us for a discount code.

Are high school students responsible for paying for Quest?

No, K-12 institutions are billed directly & students are not required to pay.